We Offer Accurate Medical & HealthCare Research

AnSys Research Laboratories is a research-driven and customer-focused company, our services are designed to help our clients shorten the time and lower the cost of API/drug development by providing cost-effective and efficient outsourcing solutions as an ideal collaborator or service partner for your Research and Development work. Our flexible approach enables customers to benefit from tailored packages that balance your needs in terms of speed and cost.

We have team of experienced and young scientist, it ensures expertises required for Research and development and also ensure speed and cost effective solution.

API Process Development Services

AnSys Research Laboratories scientists have the skill and experience to meet a wide range of outsourcing needs to identification and development of new or proprietary route of synthesis from scratch. AnSys can develop a process that is robust, transferable, and scalable to meet your requirements with an emphasis on quality, speed, and flexibility.

We also carry out isolation of biologically active molecules from natural sources. AnSys Research and development team is supported by our in-house Analytical Development Department.

Impurities and Metabolites

To tap regulatory market, an identification of metabolites and impurities is essential for Drug substance and Drug product. In case of identification issues AnSys offers services for impurities/metabolites isolation, characterization and structure elucidation. We have expertise and instruments in our analytical department for impurity isolation, characterization. We have team of senior scientist with very good understanding of complex NMR studies including 2D NMR for structure elucidation. We can isolate and characterize Impurities and Metabolites for you. We can also supply several impurities/metabolites directly from our stock, or we offer the synthesis of the same.

API Process Development Services

At AnSys Custom synthesis is the process where a molecule is made exclusively for a particular client according to specifications as per required scale. Custom Synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates, fine chemicals, reference standards, impurities or metabolites needed to launch your research and development projects. Custom synthesis is essential to the pharmaceutical companies since many of these compounds can sometimes be very difficult to find or hard to synthesize. Custom synthesis provides the platform necessary for clients’ to accelerate their projects to market.

Ansys’ team excel in synthetic organic chemistry which includes complex synthetic conversions, chiral compounds and their resolution, hydrogenation, oxidation & reduction reactions, natural products chemistry, organometallic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, nucleotides, amino acid & peptides synthesis.

Custom Synthesis

AnSys Research Laboratories offers a custom design and synthesis service of compounds that may be available or unavailable commercially, from the mg and gram scales. One can contact us with the required/intended structure of the compound chemical name or/and CAS number, and we will get back to you with details of the design and synthetic outline and a quote as soon as possible (usually within the 24 - 48 hours). As for the price, the quote will include list of chemicals needed, estimated time for the synthesis and number of full time equivalents (FTEs) required for the project.

The client may or may not provide literature methods or their own synthetic routes. If you have no technical information about the product that you want, we can give an estimate after we carefully review it. Ansys team will evaluate synthesis and determine an estimate of cost and delivery time. We are committed to communicate detailed weekly/ biweekly reports with an expected delivery dates. Each project is treated under the confidentiality agreement.

Our Custom Synthesis offers a wide array of skills in the synthesis from milligram to gram scale, small molecules for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other applications. The small molecules include active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical and drug intermediates, drug metabolites, drug analogs, analytical & reference standards and certified reference materials, chemical intermediates, and pharmaceutical impurities.

Contract Research for Drug Discovery

In contemporary pharmaceutical industry, developing drug leads relies a great deal on higher level of dedicated support and expertise. At AnSys, our scientists team-up with you to walk shoulder to shoulder by providing services that enable predictive answers for drug discovery research, with dedicated specialists who listen to and work on your requirements. The Drug Development Services at AnSys is committed to cut down cost and timelines, while at the same time facilitate you with the process of meeting your Drug Discovery milestones. From synthetic feasibility, analysis to Drug Discovery, process development and subsequent synthesis, we can become your contract Drug Discovery research partner and accelerate your Drug Development program as an objective oriented resource. Our Discovery Services provides a comprehensive set-up of drg discovery solutions.

Our discovery chemistry team is well balanced combination of young and experienced chemist. The team is led by our CSO have > 20 years experience as service provider at different level for top 20 Pharma and Biotech companies which enables us to work for you from ‘ground zero’ of creating molecules to your specifications in our fully equipped Custom Synthesis laboratory.

In addition, our chemistry experts can optimize the process and scale-up in accordance with your/ pharma requirements. Our Drug Discovery contract research team will walk the ‘extra mile’ with you, utilizing technical expertise, unique project management model, open communication & feedback and values driven business as you explore the frontiers of new drugs and therapeutics. Our discovery services can be fully incorporated to provide a flexible and customized solution for client’s specific project needs.

Our Drug Development Services are supported by integrated Analytical Services and purification by Preparative HPLC or Flash chromatography.