Custom Synthesis

Scientists at AnSys lab are experienced and skilled in the latest methods in synthetic organic chemistry to work closely with clients. We ensure high quality standard and on time, in full delivery. AnSys Lab has an expertise in the design and preparation of multi-step targets on scales ranging from milligram to kilogram. Our scientists in the chemistry team are well trained to focus efforts to evaluate the synthesis. Normally, your inquiries will be addressed within 48 hours upon receipt of request. We will offer a ballpark price and a lead time for the project in a timely manner. AnSys Lab honors its quoted price even when the project might require more work than anticipated.

AnSys Lab offers the synthesis route designing of required compounds. Specify compounds, in desire quantities as per your compound handling system. Chemical compounds, Impurities and building blocks in our library collections are available for re-supply from our stock.

Customers are also welcome to provide literature methods or their own synthetic routes in which all relevant information such as reaction time, solvent, temperature, analytic data, purification method, yield, etc. is detailed. In the case where there is a lack of technical data, we are still capable of providing a rough estimate upon a careful review of the research paper. Working instate-of-the-art laboratories, equipped with the latest process and analytical instruments, AnSys Lab scientists have good experience and infrastructure to make your project a success story.

Custom synthesis,

  •  Design of new syntheses
  •  Chiral synthesis and resolution
  •  Scale-up of existing literature or customer supplied syntheses, custom manufacturing of chemicals in desire quantities
  •  Modification or replacement of poorly performing steps in a synthesis

  •  Design and synthesis of multipurpose screening compounds
  •  Molecules include but not limited to screening compounds,starting materials, building blocks, intermediates or derivatives of lead  compounds
  • We would be glad to hear from you and we’re looking forward to work with you.